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Where your fashion designs are developed from an initial vision to the final product

Design Package

Design concept + fabric sourcing + designing + CAD visualisations


This package is suitable for entrepreneurs starting a fashion line, but lacking design knowledge or other resources to turn their vision into reality.


Style Development Package

Pattern Making + Prototyping + Grading package

3 days to 3 weeks*

* depends on the number of styles as well as on their complexity

This package is our core business, representing the heart of clothing development. It is suitable for any clothing company, brand or start-up that needs to translate design sketches or ideas into engineered cuts, to produce clothing prototypes. 

Here creativity meets the technical aspects of  clothing creation, which is certainly one of the most delicate areas of the development process.

The patterns are made using Optitex CAD systems, based on design sketches, selected measuring systems, the client’s market niche, product function, fabrics and everything that affects the final fit of clothes.


Pre-production Package

Digitising + Grading + Cutting Preparation

from a few days to a few weeks*

* depends on number of the styles as well as on their complexity

This package is recommended for clients who have already developed their collection, possess the final samples of each style and their equivalent patterns (either in paper or digital form). Customers usually request that we digitally develop the predicted size range based on their basic pattern. This process is known as Grading.

If sent in paper form, patterns need to be digitised (imported into the CAD system).

Pattern sent as digital file should ideally be sent as a .dsn file (Optitex CAD file format). If not possible, they should be converted into .dxf file format.

In any case, the process after importing patterns into our system is the same. We verify and prepare patterns for digital grading, grade them to the desired sizes (preferably according to the client’s measurement table), produce the markers (cutting layers) according to client’s orders, prepare the cutting plans and the rest of the style documentation.

In other words, this specific package of services provides everything it takes to prepare styles for the cutting room in production.


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