Know-How Services

A unique approach to transfer the fashion business know-how and experience to clients that need it.

We have identified several common obstacles encountered by clients in the fashion industry, and they were our starting points for the educational and consultancy packages we have developed. For starters, we offer three consultancy packages aimed at different type of clients and their specific needs. Rarely does a same client require all of these consultation services. In the future, we intend to develop additional packages of know-how services, as necessary.

We work on a one-on-one basis with clients

The main goal

To empower the clients with the necessary knowledge to understand the underlying processes, help them to identify gains and make better decisions for their fashion and clothing businesses

Some of our consultancy packages

How to start a clothing brand from scratch 

Designing and developing fashion products within a brand 

Transforming a clothing manufacturing company to a fashion brand

How to set up garment production and integrate it into a retail or wholesale company

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Ready for your clothing design vision to come true?


How to start a clothing brand from scratch 

According to a recent world-wide Google survey, more than 100,000 people daily seek an answer to this specific question. Are you one of them? Are you thinking about starting a fashion company from scratch and on your own?

Well… please, do take our advice and think twice about it!  And, please, do so before starting up your venture. You may achieve instant success. But frankly, there is also a huge possibility for epic failure. Are you ready to take such a risk? We would rather you don’t.

Our main premise is that the fashion business is first and foremost a business, and only then comes fashion. This is something we think is really important to understand, so we have prepared the flow of consultations where you can learn how to manage them both.

So, where should a fashion entrepreneur start from? 

Simply, request our consulting package that includes 15-20 hours of learning, depending on your previous knowledge of the fashion business world you are entering.

Usually, prior to any step forward, we suggest a “assessment over coffee” –  an hour we spend with you as a client, free of charge. (live or via any on-line platform). That is a great basis for us to prepare a commercial offer most suitable to your individual needs.

Once you decide to take advantage of our services, we’ll assist you in developing your vision, and getting a better insight into branding, design, sourcing, style development, production, and marketing processes, all that is necessary to perceive better the fashion business as a whole.

From a clearly articulated business idea to a basic financial structure – you will receive the necessary basis for making one of the biggest decisions in your life, which is whether to start your own fashion business, with a clear idea of how to get going.

We believe there is no better way to spend time and money prior to any other investment, as you will set you on the roadmap to your own fashion business.



Start-ups and other fashion business beginners

Designing and developing fashion products within a brand

Let’s suppose that the business part of your fashion business has already been prepared. You know your brand, market niche, pricing, the difficulties and obstacles your clients encounter… Excellent, you’re halfway there. 

From this point on, you have to focus on the product, which in particular means design and development of your clothing items, the first ones among many to follow. 

This work requires an extensive knowledge in a wide range of domains, especially in fashion design, fabrics, pattern making, prototyping and production.

If you have not received the necessary training as a fashion designer or textile engineer, you will probably be lacking these competencies in your work, which may have a crucial impact on your final business results.

Of course, you could hire a professional. But, for you to know what this person should be doing in your business, it is essential that you are also equipped with the necessary knowledge.

Our training programme is therefore specifically tailored for the above needs. It covers 15-20 hours and takes place across 4-5 working days. Optionally (mostly on request), we can offer you a package of design consultancy services, where we would be taking care of design and development processes regarding your collection so you can learn how to do it in a practical way.

In any case, you’ll acquire fundamental and valuable knowledge about clothing design, fabrics and other materials, sourcing such materials, about patterns and prototyping, production tips and tricks, and the technical and commercial phases of your journey.

And best of all, you will be able to apply all this newly gained knowledge directly to the first styles in your initial collection!

So, the fact is – the more knowledge you have, the lower the risk of failure in the extremely challenging fashion industry. Contact us to schedule your dates.


Those who know how to run a business, but not that much about how to create fashion products

Transforming a clothing manufacturing company to a fashion brand 

Nowadays, both in Croatia and in the entire wider region, there are many companies that produce clothing. These businesses are involved in lohn or CMT production services, and do not produce their own garments. This also does not include fashion design, preparation for production, marketing, and social media.

But, as production costs evolve, sewing prices constantly decrease, and working in the clothing industry becomes very unpopular among younger generations, the future of these businesses is questionable.

The bad news is that knowing how to develop proprietary products has almost disappeared over the last 30 years, and the clothing industry has fallen to the verge of ruin. 

The good news is that, from this point on, the industry can only improve and grow! To do so, a serious change in mindset and more knowledge are necessary in most companies that have survived by now.

This is where we step in.

Luckily, a new generation is rising to take over managing these companies from their parents. They are eager to change the way these businesses are run, but lack the necessary knowledge of the fashion industry, knowledge that is accessible and can be quickly applied.

The main goal of this consultancy package is to empower you to transform your business from a strictly production mindset to a company that develops, produces, and sells its own products.

This will increase your visibility on the market and bring great added value to the future of your company.

Our training module offers a set of lectures that provides not only the knowledge you may be lacking, but also a shift in working processes within the company.

Basically, this will help you in strengthening both your market position and production processes in order for you to become a more competitive clothing business.

If you found this interesting, do not hesitate to contact us, so we can spend an hour  or two (free of charge) defining your steps for a transformation from a clothing producer to a fashion brand owner with your own production plant.


Experienced clothing manufacturer who want to develop their own fashion brand

How to set up garment production and integrate it into a retail or wholesale company

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